Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Worksheets Website

Since it appears that there is an interest in worksheets I've created. I decided to create a new website where you will not only have access to worksheets that I've created but also others. The new website is Worksheet
Currently there are over 17 math worksheets available, but it is growing. Ranging from addition facts to graph paper, that is problem friendly, to factoring polynomials. Anyone can sign up for a free account and post worksheets that they have created.

Here's how it works. You save your worksheet as a PDF, sign up for a free account, and post your worksheet. Once the worksheet is screened by the users on the system it will be made available for anyone to download.

If you are looking for a particular topic simply search by keyword. If you found someone at worksheetshare where you really like there worksheets simply browse the worksheets created by that author.

You can even make some money from your worksheets. Check it out. Once enough worksheets become available for a particular subject you will be able to order a book on a particular topic or keyword. You can keep track of the plans and improvements at the Worksheet Share blog.

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