Friday, January 21, 2011

Free OpenBiblio Setup

At we are doing an experiment to see how much interest there is in the OpenBiblio library software. Sign up now for your free account. We will start by providing accounts to the first 10 people that Sign up. All others will be setup as resources become available.
Example book entry
Your library patrons will be shown Infolinks, Google, and Amazon ads to help fund this experiment if you would like to guarantee the success of this project please consider making a donation.

Our goal for this project is to provide a web based library solution for small schools based on open source software. This will allow us and you to be able to keep expenses down by using open source software. If this project succeeds we will contribute back into the OpenBiblio project both by contributing code and money to further its development. The ads can be removed for a monthly fee to cover the hosting of your content.

Example search results
Why should you use this?
One of the advantages of Open Source software is that it provides users with the opportunity to enhance, control, and maintain the software. We will provide you with access to the data you enter into your library. This allows you to backup and/or transfer your library to a different system, if you find that this solution does not meet your needs or you would like to move to a different service provide the option is available.

What are the advantage of setting it up with 
With the default installation of OpenBiblio you have to manually enter all of your circulation information. Our install provides a working Library of Congress lookup and extra reports. Both of which are available from the OpenBiblio website but we have them installed for you already.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Words Your Way Spelling Inventory

I've been working on a spelling learning/practice/testing application over at and have just implemented a spelling inventory that I found in the book Words Your Way by Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Shane Templeton, Francine Johnston, Published by Pearson.

It's setup pretty simple you simply share the links below with your students and when they press enter the results get sent to you via email. One of the benefits of this system over others is that students can not copy and paste the answers from another source. Also you see what each student types in, this includes any corrections that they have made.

You can share the link two different ways. The first format is easier to read but the second integrates better with websites like Moodle. Use the second format if you need a redirect because you can only use the get format such as

Make sure to change to your username and domain. Leave the .at. since the @ symbol will cause an error.

Copy the links below and paste them to where

Add aschool at woehler. dot us to your address book or spam exceptions list.

Option 1:
Primary Inventory:

Elementary Inventory:

Intermediate Inventory:

Upper Level Inventory:

Option 2:
This option should work well if you have a website like Moodle where you can customize links based on the user.
Primary Inventory:

Elementary Inventory:

Intermediate Inventory:

Upper Level Inventory:

To interpret the result of the inventory you will need the book Words Your Way by Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Shane Templeton, Francine Johnston, Published by Pearson. 

I hope that this provides a convenient way to administer the test to your students.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any problems. Remember this is currently a beta website and may change in the future. If you have found this useful please consider making a donation.

Below is a short video clip demonstrating the practice mode. The testing mode is very similar except that the saved indicator is blue instead of green or red. This way the student knows that their work is saved but not whether it is right or wrong. The example shown below is integrated with a Moodle installation.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yet another potentially useful website
This looks like a great website to help access students math levels and help with remediation.

Great website.

I was looking for handwriting paper this evening and stumbled upon this great website. It even has some free fonts and many different creative handwriting templates.