Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Graphing Resource

I just rolled out a new graphing resource at aschool.us/graphs. This new tool allows you to quickly create SVG graphs which you can then download and edit further with an SVG editor such as Insckape or Adobe Illustrator. Currently it only does horizontal, bar, and line graphs with or without grid lines. The plan is to have this website be a resource for teachers when teaching students how to make graphs and have some interactive graphs to help students learn how to read graphs.

Would love to hear any feedback.

Monday, March 25, 2013

ASchool.us Random Student Selector Update

Just got through adding two new features to the Random selectors are of ASchool.us/random. I added a menu so that you can easily see what other random script options are available. I also added a feature where you can save the list that you typed to your browser using the HTML5 local storage feature. This means that you list of names is save to the local browser and will persist across sessions, while nothing is saved on the server. Rebooting or closing your browser is not a problem. Your list will still be there if you want to use it, but you do not have to.